OOTD# 70

Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week filled with awesomeness. I want to premise this post with my recent health debacle. While I have noted that I have lupus previously, it has never been formally diagnosed, as Lupus is extremely difficult to diagnose at all. By chance, my blood test results … Continue reading OOTD# 70


Hello my lovelies! I hope you're all having an absolutely stupendous holidays. I know Christmas for us is pretty crazy around here. For Christmas, I decided to wear an oldie but a goody. I personally think sweater dresses are the reason to be alive. Especially ones with cowl necks or turtle necks, because who doesn't … Continue reading OOTD#68


  Hello my lovelies! I've been ridiculously busy with first quarter being over, second quarter starting, and college applications! Haven't gotten in or rejected anywhere yet so fingers crossed. It snowed today and I was beyond ready for it. My outfit may not reflect it, but rest assured I was warm! The skirt is actually … Continue reading OOTD#65


Hello my Lovelies! 60 followers! only 40 more to go! Let's do it! Can we just take a moment to appreciate my latest Instagram selfie? I mean it's basically a once in a lifetime opportunity of perfection. No big deal... Anyway, I'm really obsessed with fall now, and my outfits are no exception. I love … Continue reading OOTD#64