Evening Glam and Camera Basics

Hello my lovelies!   I hope you're all doing well, and welcome back to my lair. Today I wanted to post a standard OOTD, but with a little twist. Recently, I have learned about Light, a company working to revolutionize the camera as we know it in all its big, clunky glory. If you're interested … Continue reading Evening Glam and Camera Basics

OOTD #71

Hello my lovelies!  I know, I've been absent and I suck for it. All these doctor's appointments are seriously dragging me down into the realm of dead tired!  I spent this past weekend in Chicago, one of my favorite places on earth. I understand that many people find the Windy City overrated, but for me, … Continue reading OOTD #71

OOTD# 70

Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week filled with awesomeness. I want to premise this post with my recent health debacle. While I have noted that I have lupus previously, it has never been formally diagnosed, as Lupus is extremely difficult to diagnose at all. By chance, my blood test results … Continue reading OOTD# 70


Hello My Lovelies! First Week of school! And I'm a Senior! Love it love it love it. Well, not the school part, but the easy classes, being the big kahuna, and getting out an hour early are pretty neat. This was NOT my first day of school outfit, which was sadly underwhelming because I just … Continue reading OOTD#51