OOTD: Grad Party

Hello my lovelies! I apologize for missing two posting days. As a high school graduate this year, all of my friends and family were flocking up to Wisconsin for my graduation party this past weekend. The party was wonderful! So wonderful in fact, that I am still trying to recover from being partied out. Since … Continue reading OOTD: Grad Party


Hello my lovelies! As you can see, my Madison Reed Hair-o-scope has gone live and is ready for all of you to gaze upon, so if y'all could do me a favor and check it out, I would be so extraordinarily grateful! Today I felt like I hadn't worn a dress in a while, so … Continue reading OOTD#55


Hello my lovelies! So today was actually pretty hot out, 86 degrees here, which for an extremely pale germanic girl, that's pretty hot. I went to Hilldale to show off the new updates to a friend of ours from out of town, and stopped by one of my favorite stores ever, Michael Kors. Yes it's … Continue reading OOTD#41


Hello my lovelies! I'm trying something new for the first time today. Instead of using an app to recreate my daily outfits, I decided to actually photograph it this time. I hope this turns out as great as I think it is, and let me know what you all prefer! Stay Beautiful! Slip - Boston … Continue reading OOTD#39