Five Things You Should Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have, or do”

-Brian Tracy

Hello my lovelies!

They say eyes are the window to the soul, so we might as well frame them with some pretty curtains. Of course, I am talking about your eyelashes. Maybe you feel a little tired of piling on the mascara and want a one-and-done solution, but strip lashes are too much for you. While lash extensions are the next best option for that always-fanned-out look, like everything, there can be a catch. Today I want to talk about five things you should absolutely and undoubtedly know before you drop some major coin on a pretty big, but beautiful, commitment.

Be Ready to Commit –

Lash Extensions are a big commitment. Between the aftercare, refill appointments, and limitations on product use, lash extensions are not a good fit for those who are not able to fully commit to a prescribed routine and care method. They are often 100% worth it for those willing to drop the $200 minimum on them and are great for those who just want to run out the door looking wide eyed and bushy tailed, but they are absolutely not for the lazy or faint of heart.

Do Your Research

Because lash extensions are fairly new to the beauty scene, state laws have had a hard time catching up with the popularity that lash extensions maintain. As such, several states have yet to enact regulation on who is able to perform lash extensions. What I am saying is, do your research. Do some seriously extensive research, because that quick Department of Safety and Sanitation search could be the difference between you receiving your lashes from a licensed cosmetologist/esthetician, or receiving your lashes from Becky who randomly decided to set up shop down the street. If your lash tech is not proudly displaying their license, as all establishments should anyway, run.

Aftercare Is Essential –

Any good lash tech will not only explain extensions aftercare to you, but they should also hand you a card detailing the instructions. Not only do I hand out cards to each client post-appointment, but I make them sign a sheet saying that they have had the instructions verbally recited to them, as well as written down. Ultimately, the second you walk out of that appointment, you are responsible for the sanitation and longevity of your lash extensions since I cannot follow you home and make sure you are following the rules. If you care, they will last longer.

Always Schedule Your Refills –

Before you leave, schedule your refill two to three weeks out. Trust me, your lash tech is busy, and if they are in a salon setting, they have other appointment bookings that they need to attend to. Calling at the last minute is not going to work, and if you want your lash extensions to look as flawless as they did when you first got them, you need to stay on top of your fills. Even if you want them removed, you still need to schedule that appointment out, as lash extensions are tedious and time consuming work no matter the type of appointment.

Communicate With Your Lash Technician –

If you plan to get lash extensions, you need to walk in with a clear idea of what you are looking for. Bring pictures if you can, and talk to your lash tech about your desired outcome. Your lash tech will be honest with you about how well they can meet your expectations, and will happily work with you to explain the process and what will happen. Walking in and saying “just whatever works” almost always leads to both of you being unhappy with the lash set, since neither of you clearly communicated ideas and expectations. This is not date night, you actually need to pick what you want or you will likely be disappointed with the outcome.

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Stay beautiful!

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