Monthly Mask Review: Facetory Take Four

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle”

-Steve Jobs

Hello my lovelies!

For starters, I am a little behind on this sub box monthly review! Because I spent those two weeks in Ireland on vacation, I was not able to keep up with my ever flowing stream of sheet mask goodies. I have finally been able to make it through the previous month’s sheet mask box, and I am here to tell you all about the honey goodness featured throughout the box for the month of May.

Let’s Get Started:

Facetory Be Bright Be You Brightening Mask –

A tell-tale brightening mask, this one contains chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract, a natural anti-oxidant, and lemon fruit extract, packed with vitamin C to brighten and refine texture. Out of May’s box, this one was by far the most fun filled with its gold foil look, and certainly helped my skin look brighter and blemish free.

NeogenLab Revital Propolis Ampoule Mask –

If you need a moisture and vitality pick-me-up, this sheet mask can do it all. Containing propolis extract and niacinamide, both barrier repairing and healing ingredients, this mask is great at taking on the task dehydration, lack of firmness, and breakouts all at the same time. Bonus: it leaves you looking incredibly dewy and healthy.

NOHJ Pore Bubble Mask –

Bubble masks can be very hit or miss in terms of how much they can actually benefit the skin, but with grapefruit water and tea tree extract, this mask manages to clear the skin of blemishes while also brightening and hydrating. If you feel at all dry in particular I would potentially steer clear of this mask, but if you are someone who struggles with breakouts and some mild dryness, this bubble mask has the ability to combat almost all of your woes.

Banobagi Gold Propolis Injection Mask –

Time to live your life golden. While this mask contains propolis, an anti-inflammatory and regenerative ingredient, the real winner here is the gold itself. Gold is an excellent anti-aging ingredient that firms, hydrates, and plumps the skin. Who wouldn’t want to have diamonds in their champagne glass and a gold mask to go with it?

Frienvita Perfect Skin Adhesion/ Firming Gold Glow Mask –

A newly introduced brand to my knowledge, this sheet mask is the answer to your anti-wrinkle prayers. While this mask may not necessarily benefit me at this moment, recent eczema patches on my face have been bothersome over the last month, and ingredients like vitamin B5 and collagen are a huge help. While B5 pulls water into the skin to soothe and moisturize, collagen aids in plumping as well as hydrating. Safe to say, my eczema really improved thanks to this mask.

Cosmetea White Tea Brightening Moisture Mask –

Yet another new brand, this cellulose fiber mask soaked with cream based ingredients is meant to soothe and brighten the skin. Containing camellia leaf extract and lemon fruit extract, both aid in brightening, soothing, clearing, protecting the skin barrier. This mask is a do-it-all solution to almost all of your skincare concerns.

Jeu’Demeure Refresh Mask –

The final newly introduced brand to this box, this one is a vibrancy booster. Packed with niacinamide, a refining and brightening ingredient, and Sanguisorba root extract, a soothing and toning botanical, this mask is perfect for giving dull and tired skin a helping hand.

That’s all I have for you guys today. Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe, it really helps me out. Also don’t forget to have a super Saturday!

Stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural

weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own

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