My Updated Faux Freckles Tutorial

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody”

-Maya Angelou

Hello my lovelies!

Today is just a short and sweet little post as I am trying to catch up with my regular posting schedule. I wanted to do a quick updated tutorial on how I apply my fake freckles. My tutorial from last year was a pretty popular post, but since then I have tweaked my technique and practiced my craft, making the final product even better.

Let’s Get Started:

  1. Apply your base layer of foundation and concealer, blending out both to your preference.
  2. With any liquid, cream, or pencil product, warm it up on the back of your hand to help make product application smoother. I prefer to use a Creme contouring stick for this process.
  3. Use a very small tipped brush, like an angled liner brush or detail painting brush.
  4. Apply small, freckle like dots first beginning around the upper bridge of the nose. Remember that the more sporadic the freckles are, the more believable.
  5. Continue the freckle placement onto the areas of your choice. I tend to keep mine concentrated on the nose and under eye area, as that is where I naturally freckle the most.
  6. Tap out the freckles very lightly with your ring finger to soften the intensity.
  7. Again, remember that real freckles aren’t uniform, so including larger ones, clustered spots, and ones that trail away from more concentrated areas will create the most believable appearance of natural freckles.
  8. After setting the face, apply bronzer wherever you applied the faux freckles. Freckles are very pretty, but they are a form of sun damage, meaning that we need to warm up and darken those areas with bronzer in order to create a natural affect. Bronzer is especially necessary if you concentrate most of the freckling on the nose and cheeks like I did.
  1. Be sure to highlight the high points of your face to help create dimension in the face after going a little heavier with bronzer. We do not want to lend to any muddiness or a sallowed complexion.

That’s all I have for you guys today. Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe, it really helps me out. Also don’t forget to have a wonderful Wednesday!

Stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural

weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own

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