Five Skincare and Beauty Myths We Desperately Need to Stop Falling For

“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends”

– Japanese Proverb

Hello my lovelies!

Now that I have dubbed myself your new friendly neighborhood Esthetician, I wanted to take a moment to obliterate some embarrassingly common skincare myths that have been circulating since the dawn of modern civilization. While it is totally ok if you may have believed these falsehoods previously, I am certainly hoping that being presented with better, more factual information will guide you to be a thoughtful consumer in the future, and to make better and more informed choices, both for yourself and when choosing to share information with others.

More importantly and so you can be assured that I am not making things up, I will have all of my sources linked at the end of this informational blog post. This may be my field of expertise, but that does not mean I have no need for scholarly sources to back up my argument. I actively encourage you to click all of these sources, because learning is fun and an informed consumer is a happy consumer.

Let’s Get Started:

Photo via L’Oréal

Drinking Lots of Water Will Solve Everything –

Sure, staying healthy and hydrated will certainly prevent your skin from looking dry and sallow, but pounding two liters of water a day is absolutely not going to make any drastic changes in your skin. In fact, it is extremely likely that you are already a well oiled machine, and that headache that you are convinced is dehydration is completely psychosomatic. We consume more than enough water when eating, and forcing yourself to drink water when you are not thirsty can actually be detrimental to your health. I promise you, water is not going to cure any of your skin concerns, so just stick to drinking when you feel thirsty; nothing more, nothing less. If you are concerned about hydration and dry skin, seek out products with hyaluronic acid, as skincare is the most effective way to replenish moisture to the skin.

Photo via Pinterest Facebook page

Pinterest is a Great Skincare Source –

I love Pinterest. I love mindlessly scrolling through my feed, saving recipes or other ideas that peak my interest, and posting links to my own blog posts to gain traffic. What I do not like is the insane amount of misinformation that plagues Pinterest. There are so many supposed skincare cure-alls, DIY skincare recipes, and generally disingenuous posts that circulate on Pinterest, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher what is real and what is fake. My best tip, if it looks too good to be true and is not written by a professional in the field, leave it alone and swipe by.

Photo via HowStuffWorks

You Do Not Need Moisturizer if You Have Oily Skin –

As an Esthetician, I see and hear this all the time, and as someone who also has oily skin, I can tell you this is the most baseless lie you will ever hear in regards to skincare. Oily skin can actually have causes beyond overly active sebum glands. Oily skin can be caused by underlying skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, overactive sebum production as most of us know, and surprisingly, very dry skin. The natural oils that your integumentary system produces are a necessity to the protection and hydration of your skin, and maintaining the barrier that your natural oils create is essential to the health of your skin. Washing your face inevitably strips some of these natural oils, and regardless of how oily you think you are, you need to replenish your skin with the moisturization it desperately needs by applying moisturizer. There are so many moisturizers on the market specifically made for oily skin types, there just is no excuse or logic-based reasoning to ignore this essential skincare step.

Photo via American Cancer Society

Your Diet Determines the Health of Your Skin –

This is the last time I will say it: chocolate is not the cause of your acne, it was never the cause of your acne, and it will never be the cause of your acne. Of course a poor diet and overall poor health can show up on the skin, it is your largest organ and is responsible for expelling toxins just like your liver and kidneys, but what we are not gonna believe is that your diet will directly affect your skin. Unless you are allergic to a food item and break out in hives, what you eat has no direct link to your skin type or skincare concerns. If you are lactose intolerant, that intolerance may present itself with some skin blunders, but if you are an overall healthy individual with no dietary issues or health concerns, eat those potato chips, because that pimple you will get tomorrow morning has absolutely nothing to do with your favorite salty snack.

Photo via Compound Interest

Natural and Chemical Free is Best –

I hate to break it to you, but everything you know and love is made of chemicals. Apples are made of chemicals, water is made of chemicals, and thus, so is your skincare. Of course there are chemicals that should not make contact with the human body, but to discard anything and everything that contains the word “chemical” is both scientifically illiterate and not sound advice for all skin types. Using skincare is up to your discretion and yes, natural skincare can work for a lot of people, but to insinuate that it is the only way is a huge disservice, both to yourself and to others that hear this misinformation espoused to them. Currently, there is no scientific consensus or proof regarding if many common preservatives in skincare hurt the human body, so stock up on your favorite non-natural products; you can use them much longer and curb the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria.

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Stay beautiful!

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weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own


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