Recap: Graduating, Getting Older, and a Bit of Depression

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to the know them”


Hello my lovelies!

I know. I am the worst. I said last week that I was back and believe me, I planned to be, but as you all know, life can sometimes get in the way. Admittedly, I just haven’t been feeling my best emotionally. I have said before that life changes, whether good or bad, do not usually bode well with me, and graduating, while definitely one of the highlights of my life, is no exception.

Obviously I give myself major props for graduating from my Esthetics program. I live and breathe for the beauty industry, but school is also not something I really excelled at, so knowing that I made it through those four months without completely breaking down means that I am pretty damn proud of myself. It really was a bittersweet moment, knowing that I will be moving onto the next chapter in my life, but also leaving a place of comfort and happiness behind.

Now that I am a full blown graduate with an impending license come this weekend, job hunting naturally felt like the next step. However, if any of you are familiar with the job search process, you know it absolutely sucks. I do not handle rejection well on a good day, and looking for a job means that I am currently experiencing rejection in rapid succession on a day to day basis. This is not necessarily because I am not hirable, it is more so because I have applied to quite literally every spa in Madison. This is not to say I have not had a few nibbles during this time, but like most things, it is all trial and error at this point.

Naturally, between the major life change, rejection emails, and general anxiety about making sure my life does not suck to the highest degree, I have allowed my depression to become my norm once again. I have been barely going to the gym, eating my feelings, and hiding in my room so that I can pretend the outside world is not counting on me to be something. I am trying my absolute hardest to pick myself up and keep going since life does not stop just because I do, but that means I have now gone back to congratulating myself for getting up each morning. It’s the baby steps that count and I know that I will get there, my path just may be a little slower than most.

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Stay beautiful!

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