Makeup For Glasses: A No Brainer Guide

“Out of difficulties grow miracles”

-Jean De La Buyere

Hello my lovelies!

Remember those days when wearing glasses was considered a form of social suicide? The name calling, the frame-snatching, the teasing, it all came with the territory of having less-than-perfect eyes. Nowadays, people order glasses with no prescription just to create an aesthetic or a studious appearance. I say it’s about damn time that glasses became fashionable, especially for those who can’t avoid a pair of frames. However, wearing makeup with glasses isn’t an often talked about topic. Should you wear foundation? What eye makeup is most flattering? How do I fix the foundation on my nose when I take my glasses off? In today’s post, I’m going to share my five favorite tips on wearing makeup with glasses, so that everyone can rock their imperfect vision with some bomb makeup.

Choose A Light Coverage Foundation, Or Go Without-

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t HAVE to wear a heavy foundation, or any at all for that matter. However, if you feel like you have to wear foundation, go for a lighter coverage foundation, or keep the application light around the nose area. This will drastically improve the appearance of those inevitable dents that you get around your nose.

Keep A Powder Compact Handy –

If the indentations are bothering you or the rim of your glasses takes some of your cheek makeup away, having a powder compact will save your hide. Lightly pressing it onto the areas where your makeup rubbed off will not only help your glasses stay in place a little longer, but it’s also a great way to keep your makeup refreshed.

Wings Are Your Friend –

While you will need to do more research on a winged liner style that best suits your eye shape, winged liner looks incredibly classy under some frames. I always say when in doubt, stick with a classic and thin cat eye.

Create Lightness To Help Conrast –

If you do choose to rock a wing, adding a light shadow to the inner corner and eyelid will help brighten the eye. Glasses tend to create a shadow around the eyes, especially on the lower lashline, so steer clear of adding any color or depth there.

Voluminous Lashes Are A Must –

Framing your eyes is an essential step to making the eyes pop with glasses, but when loading up beforehand, reach for a mascara that volumizes. A lengthening mascara will cause your lashes to constantly brush against the lenses of your glasses, which is not only aesthetically irritating, but also detrimental to your eye health. Open up the eyes with a mascara that lifts, not lengthens.

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Stay beautiful!

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9 thoughts on “Makeup For Glasses: A No Brainer Guide

  1. Sarah says:

    If only I could do eye liner lol! I honestly try but I’ve never managed to figure it out. Plus a combination of shaky hands and a seemingly strong pulse in my lid always sabotage me! I’ve even had a professional makeup artist refuse to put liquid liner on my eyes because of the pulse!

      • Sarah says:

        Half heartedly! Although I did watch a video of that again last night on Instagram and saved it with the intention of giving it another go. I’m also never sure what type of liner is easiest for doing it?

        • ZoBeautie says:

          Personally, I think a thin brush tip is easier, but I know a lot of people swear by felt tip or that marker style. I think Gel is a little harder to finesse so I would save it for later!

          • Sarah says:

            I’ve currently got the Sleek dip it liner, I’ll give that another go and see how I get on with taping 🤔😊

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