Accutane: Week 17

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”



Hello my lovelies!


It’s been 17 weeks of these posts and if you’re like me, you’re about ready to git’er done soon. I’ve decided to condense down the pictures to two pictures, as the improvement levels are pretty stagnant by this point.

Speaking of stagnant, I did want to be open with you guys and let you know that while I have no regrets about going on Accutane, I am very underwhelmed overall with the progress I’ve made. I have seen people’s skin do a complete turnaround, pimple AND scar free, but while I do break out less and my scarring has faded slightly due to my own skincare, it’s getting hard looking in the mirror every day and hoping that today will be the day my skin turns a new leaf. I still break out, my scars still garner stares, and this is too expensive of a treatment in my eyes for only partial results.

I only have a month left before I have to stop, and my doctor has already inadvertently suggested that I could start again in the fall. If my doctor thinks my progress is sub-par, it’s really hard to try and keep a positive mindset and think that a miracle will happen in thirty days. I know that there has been real progress, it’s obvious based on my first two months alone, but if a medication meant for severe acne couldn’t rid my pesky-but-moderate breakouts, what does that say for others who have that severe acne?

I’m holding out on my last string of hope and will finish off my course, but I’m just getting tired of watching nothing happen for me anymore. Making these posts almost seems silly at this point, given that it’s just the same pock-filled pictures day in and day out. Maybe I’m destined to have acne. Who knows?


Let’s get started:

Day 90 –



I am turning red a lot more often that I have previously, but I attribute this to my skin developing more sensitivity. Even itching my arm produces a red spot for a while.

Day 94 –




My lingering breakouts are starting to recede, however the scarring is not improving much further, as the scarring still often appears quite red and obvious, almost like bug bites.



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Stay beautiful!




Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own

6 thoughts on “Accutane: Week 17

  1. Lauren's Life says:

    I was on Accutane for the maximum of 6 months and when I was finished my skin didn’t look how I expected it to either. It stays in your system for up to 1 year so it will continue to work as time passes and dependent on how bad your marks or scaring is, you can be further referred to a dermatologist who can provide laser etc for that problem. It’s been just over 3 years since I finished and I’m actually contemplating going back to the doctors as my skin is no longer clear. So I totally get what you mean by feeling underwhelmed by the medication. People talk about it like it’s some miracle cure – it really did help my skin but hasn’t fixed the problem – but it isn’t, shown by my acne returning ☹

    • ZoBeautie says:

      My friend’s skin totally cleared up and is completely perfect, and while I did go for laser treatments in the past, I can’t for 6 months after going off Accutane. My doctor didn’t sound too certain that any further changes would occur, and independently suggested to me that i could go back on Accutane in the fall.

      I think this whole experience has taught me one thing, and it’s that my friend’s acne was a walk in the park compared to mine.

      • Lauren's Life says:

        Everybody’s skin is different and that’s always a tough pill to swallow. My friends all have gorgeous clear skin and I’ve had acne for as long as I can remember which has always got me down.

        • ZoBeautie says:

          My friend did previously, but her acne was pretty minor and Accutane cleared her up completely about the second month. Now that I’m struggling with not getting the results I was told I would get by so many people, I’m just getting a “well it worked for me” line. It’s frustrating, it makes me feel unattractive, and people stare at my scars more than they actually look at me. I’m going to finish it out, but honestly I don’t feel like I have the patience or the emotional strength to do all of this over again.

          • Lauren's Life says:

            It’s a hard medication to be on. It completely messes with you in nearly every way so to feel emotionally drained is normal. I would wait until your finished and look at your before and after pictures (wish I had done that!) and decide from there if you want to continue or if you need a break. Like I said, it’s been 3 years since I finished and it’s only now that I’m thinking about trying it again

          • ZoBeautie says:

            I’ve definitely made progress, I’m still just unhappy with where I’m at. I wish it was the miracle drug that people made it out to be.

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