Sporty Spice

Champions keep playing until they get it right”

-Billie Jean King


Hello my lovelies!


Now that summer has finally decided to make an appearance in Wisco, I’m going to be living in my athletic clothing from now on. A lot of you already know that I work out pretty regularly, but I still have a thing for wearing athletic clothes as a fashion statement, known as athleisure.  I know that can be a very hit or miss look for some, but for me, athleisure is a major hit. Even as an aside from the actual style trend, who doesn’t want to feel cute when they work out?


Image result for lululemon

Is it a cult?


I can understand the feeling that the word “athleisure” brings to some people; Expensive, supposed athletic wear with the purpose of functioning as streetwear in actuality. Basically, Lululemon on steroids. However, while I think that Lululemon is an overpriced and pathetic excuse for athletic wear, I think there’s something to be said for brands like Fabletics, Under Armour, and my personal favorite, Athleta. Personally, nothing makes me happier than clothing that serves a purpose and has style.


Related image

Don’t even talk to me unless your yoga pants can handle this amount of swoll.


Ultimately, you get to choose how you wear athletic clothing, if at all, and for what purpose. My only advice: make them count!


Are you into the athleisure trend?




The Outfit:




Outfit Details:

Sweatshirt – The Balance Collection via Marshall’s (Similar here).

Shorts – H&M (Similar here).

Sports Bra – Victoria’s Secret (Similar here).

Shoes – Nike (Similar here).

Bag – French Connection (Purchase here).

Hat – Boohoo (Similar here).


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Stay beautiful!




Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own

4 thoughts on “Sporty Spice

  1. Makeup by Erin says:

    I live in athletic clothing! It’s just so much comfier and easy to put an outfit together!

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