How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

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-Jim Elliot


Hello my lovelies!


If you’re like me, you own a lot of makeup. If you’re REALLY like me, you own a whole arsenal of brushes to go with all of that makeup. If you’re basically my twin, you think cleaning your brushes can be a daunting and time consuming task, and I don’t dispute that. However, after a lot of product searching and hours spent cleaning my brushes, I’m here to tell you all about what I’ve found to be the most efficient way to clean my brushes effectively.


Let’s Get Started:




As you can see, I have a hefty collection of very dirty brushes. While I did make a point of getting them extra messy in order to exemplify how well my cleaning process works, this is also how they generally look after two weeks of use.

My biggest piece of advice if you only take one thing away from this post, is that you should absolutely be cleaning your brushes every two weeks. This is not based on preference, rather the fact that there are loads of little bits of bacteria just brewing in your brushes every day. I tend to use a spray brush cleaner in between makeup applications to help kill some bacteria, but if you’re discovering you have a problem with pimples showing up all the sudden, your makeup brushes might be the culprit.


Step 1: Prep –




I have tried many techniques for cleaning my brushes over the years, and by far, this combination is the best I’ve tried. While a brush cleanser can be tailored to your specific preferences, I think this brush cleaning mat is an absolute necessity. Although there are many brush cleaning mats on the market, I find this Real Techniques one the easiest to use, the easiest to access, and the most cost effective. I love the under handle to slide your fingers into in order to maintain a better grip, and the raised sides mean that any soap used will not drip away into the sink. I also really enjoy how soft this brush cleanser makes my brush bristles, but as I stated previously, any brush cleanser that you like will do, so long as it is specifically meant for brushes.


Step 2: Clean –




My favorite way to clean the brushes is to dispense some cleanser into the cleaning mat, swirl a wet brush around, and then rinse. Not only is it really simple, but as you can see from the picture above, it’s quite effective. Depending on brush size, I am generally able to use the soap in the cleaning mat a few times before squeezing more cleanser out. I continue to rinse the brush in the water until the water runs clear, that way I know all the product is out.

While washing your brushes, do NOT allow any water to get past the bristles. On this particular brush for example, the point at where the rose gold end and the brush handle meet is held together by glue, and water can erode this glue over time.


Step 3: Dry –




While this part may not be the most efficient way for me to dry my brushes, it is still effective and what works for me right now. If you want a quicker dry time, I highly suggest investing in a standing brush holder to help the water leave the brushes in a downward motion. Regardless of which method you choose, do not allow the brushes to dry with the bristles facing upward toward the ceiling. Not only will it take even longer for your brushes to dry, but the water dripping toward the base of the brushes will also erode the glue.



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Stay beautiful!



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11 thoughts on “How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

  1. marebare71234 says:

    I had to do this type of procedure with the brushes when I was a beauty consultant for Clarins. It’s very time-consuming. That’s why I will always use Brush Bath by IT.

    • ZoBeautie says:

      I’m obsessed with the idea of any bacteria in my brushes as an acne sufferer, so I feel like I can’t not do this process anymore. It takes ages but it’s the only way for me! 😂

    • ZoBeautie says:

      That’s awesome! For me, it’s the mat that changes everything for me. I will never not use that. I constantly clean my brushes and that thing has held up!

  2. Makeup by Erin says:

    I have a tiny baby mat that comes with my cleaner, but I really like the one you have! I might have to go pick it up!

    • ZoBeautie says:

      Agreed! I’m just on a budget right now and that’s not necessarily something I can do at the moment, but it is a plan! Plus, I have a ton of brushes 😂

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