Accutane: Week 7

“Be happy, and a reason will come along”

-Robert Brault


Hello my lovelies!


We’re almost at month two! I have my second check-in appointment next week, and I’ll be going up in dose for this round from what I was told at my last appointment. I’m still feeling good about my progress and where I’m at, but also really excited to start making even more noticeable progress. I’ll start doing my more detailed updates, both on here and Instagram, once things have started to pick up again.


Let’s Get Started:



Day 37 –




Day 38 –




Day 39 –




Day 40 –




Day 41 –




Day 42 –




That’s all I have for you guys today. Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe, it really helps me out. Also don’t forget to have a wild Wednesday.


Stay beautiful!



Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own

4 thoughts on “Accutane: Week 7

  1. brokedownvanity says:

    After seeing so many weeks now, I feel like there is a over all dampening of colouration. Like the tones are starting to even out, and you don’t have as many angry, bright spots. It seems like it is definitely doing something, though obviously you would know more than I.

    • ZoBeautie says:

      I agree with you completely! Not this week’s post, but next week’s I’m really hoping to see some more major changes, since I’ll be going up in dosage.

      I could honestly deal with acne forever since I’m used to it, the scar fading is what makes me most excited.

      Thanks for keeping up, I really appreciate it ❤️

      • brokedownvanity says:

        Thanks for showing the pictures, it is really brave. While I don’t suffer from acne(I have eczema, but that is a whole other issue), I know there are so many that do. If they stumble on the blog, it’ll be a really good reference for them. I know the same treatments don’t work for everyone, but seeing the daily pictures, I am sure it will help someone try to figure out what they want to do as treatment.

        • ZoBeautie says:

          Thank you so much! I would never recommend Accutane as a first step, more as a last resort, but it has definitely helped so many people that I feel confident in recommending it.

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