Accutane: Week 3

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

-Nelson Mandela


Hello my lovelies!


Week three is here, and that means next week will not only mark the first month of my Accutane journey, but it will also be the week I have my very first official check-in, in order to asses dosage and next steps. This might be the first time in history that I am genuinely excited to go to the doctor.

I have some really exciting news to share with all of you in Friday’s blog post (you might have some ideas if you follow my other social media), so tune in on Friday to stay up to date on my announcement! Engagement has a lot to do with it, too 😉


Let’s get started:


Day 13 –




If you actually go back and look at the previous two weeks, you can see I have made a LOT of progress. While I still have some redness to my skin, it is almost exclusively related to breakouts, and the pigmentation of my scarring is going down significantly. No major breakouts by this point.


Day 14 –




My scarring continues to fade tremendously, and I’m really happy with the way my skin is reacting to the Accutane. My chin area is feeling the most dry by this point, while the rest of my face feels fairly normal.


Day 15 –




This day was a pretty big turning point for me, as my cheeks now started to experience some dryness. I went and picked up a new overnight mask this day, only because my skin was absorbing my Watermelon Glow mask way too quickly for my liking.


Day 16 –




This is the effects of my terrible decision to not wash my face the night before. I did a bad thing, I accept the blame here. I put myself in major timeout for this move, I promise. Alcohol may or may not have been involved the previous night…


Day 17 –




I started to notice I was breaking out more at this point, which I first associated with not washing my face (a valid explanation). I also attributed the breakouts to a new primer I was trying out that has coconut water in it, which if you listened to my 5 year long rant on Instagram, you’ll know that my skin can’t stand anything coconut. I think the breakouts are more to do with a reactionary cause and effect, and less so because of the Accutane.


Day 18 –




I hate myself a little less now, as my skin is taking steps forward again, instead of my brain taking 50 steps back. I’m so happy with how my scarring looks! even on a 40mg dosage, I’m so pleased to have already seen so much improvement in three weeks time, and I can’t wait to see what a dosage increase will bring me. A lot of flakiness and peeling, I’m sure.


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Stay beautiful!



Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own

11 thoughts on “Accutane: Week 3

  1. marebare71234 says:

    Hang in there! We all screw up and do things we know are not the right thing, but you’ve moved on, and that’s what counts. Your skin is really responding well to the treatment!! Continued best wishes!

    • ZoBeautie says:

      Thank you! I had teen acne until about 16-17, cleared up for 2 years, and now I have full on adult acne at almost 20. In many ways I’m glad I didn’t do accutane as a teen, because I would’ve certainly needed it again later in life! It certainly is a last resort though, as I’ve tried just about everything else. I’m excited for the final results!

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