Does It Work? Too Faced Mascara Meltoff

Hello my lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I love reviewing products for you guys, because I want to give all of you out there an informed opinion on certain products. Aside from my “Digs and Duds”, which is not focused on any specific product, I have only done one or two in depth reviews total. Because of that, I have decided to create a more specific series on this blog called “Does It Work?”. This series will mainly focus on one single product, with all of the facts I am able to provide for you, as well as my personal thoughts. More importantly, I want to review products that are particularly interesting to me, such as unusually expensive products, cult items, products that seem gimmicky, and other topics. In case you did not read the title, I am going to review Too Faced’s Mascara Meltoff for the very first post in this series.

Let’s get Started!


Personally, I’m not really someone who has problems with ingredients in cosmetics. However, it does sometimes bother me when I cannot identify ANY of the ingredients listed for a product, and in this case, it’s a problem. I’m not going to list every single ingredient, but I did take the liberty of looking up the very first ingredient, being that it is the most present in this product. The very first component of this product is Neopentyl Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaparate, which is fancy speak for a thickener and emollient. The ingredients that follow are mostly oils and oil based components, which is probably a good thing since this is advertised as a cleansing oil.


This product claims to “removed any trace of both waterproof and regular mascara with this extremely effective, yet gentle remover. The precision wand coats lashes base-to-tip with our conditioning, oil-based formula – gently dissolving even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. No more rubbing, tugging, or raccoon eyes!”

“Antioxidant-rich green tea extract infused to help protect lashes.”

“Rice lipids extract to help condition lashes.”

Additionally, Too Faced includes statistics from a consumer study, claiming 97% said it removed waterproof mascara easily, and 97% said it left lashes feeling soft and conditioned.


  1. Use the precision wand to coat lashes base to tip. I also suggest coating the top of your lashes as well.
  2. Leave on for at least 60 seconds to allow the product to penetrate and condition the lashes.
  3. Sweep away the dissolved mascara with a damp cloth or makeup wipe.


My Results:


As many of you know, I WILL NOT wear waterproof mascara, so I cannot attest to whether this definitley works for that purpose. However throughout using this, I have been testing this oil cleanser’s abilities. In this particular instance, I wore a lash primer, two coats of mascara, and a lash sealer.

I coated the formula very generously on my top and bottom lashes, and waited a minute and a half. I found the formula to be incredibly nourishing for my eyelashes, and very gentle on my actual eyeballs, as I did manage to stab myself the very first time. After waiting, I used my usual Yes To Cucumber eye makeup removal pads. As promised, I did not have to tug at my skin or eyelashes at all to remove my mascara. It seriously comes off with a few swipes, instead of trying to yank the mascara off of your eyelashes individually. Even after washing my face for added measure, it was obvious that I had definitely gotten all of my mascara off with this oil cleanser.

Would I recommend it:

Abso-fucking-lutely. I cannot even put into words how impressed I am with this product. This oil cleanser is not only great for removing even the most stubborn mascara that I wear, it’s so amazingly safe for my eyes. My eyelashes look fuller and healthier now that I don’t have to tug at them and accidentally rip a few out in an effort to get my mascara off. I am thoroughly convinced that everyone needs this product in their life, and I am determined to force everyone around me to get it. Too Faced, you done did it!

You can purchase this product at Sephora or Ulta, and also Too Faced’s online website.

This concludes my review for Too Faced’s Mascara Melt Off cleansing oil. I hope you all have a stupendous weekend. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe, it really helps me out!

Stay Beautiful!

Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.




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