Winter Must Haves

Hello my lovelies!

Today I have for you my ultimate winter must-haves. These are all the items in my life that I find completely necessary for the cold winter months to keep you cozy and stylish. I’ve also included a few accessories and makeup items, because fashion isn’t complete without a proper face application!

Winter Must Haves
(Starting from top, left to right)
Plain T-Shirt – While it may be short sleeved, t-shirts are an absolute must for any outfit. Pair with jeans, a skirt, or even over or under a dress.
Plain Long Sleeved Shirt – Of course, everyone needs a long sleeved shirt as well, in case layering isn’t your thing. Pair with the same items as the Plain T-Shirt.
Dark Wash Jeans – Not just any pair of jeans, dark wash are essential for a winter outfit. Not only is a dark wash slimming on the legs, but a dark color can provide contrast, a monochromatic palette, or a great neutral backdrop.
Turtleneck Sweater – In case any of you didn’t realize, I am truly obsessed with turtleneck and mockneck anything. I find that the right turtleneck can go with anything under the winter sun.
Signature Perfume – If you’re like me, you have one perfume you use all year, because no matter what, it just smells right. However, if you have separate perfumes for the seasons, or feel that you should have one, it is an absolute must.
Riding Boots – Since I’m insane, I recommend having both a black and brown pair, but it’s really up to you. Again, these shoes can really be paired with anything, such as dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, you name it.
Suede Skirt – Yes, this is very specific, but it’s absolutely necessary. I love Suede during the fall and winter months, and I find it in skirt form to be the very best. You can find some really cheap versions if you’re not sure about this lasting in your wardrobe, but I say, worth it!
Joggers – I adore joggers. Not because they’re a lazy girl’s dream, but because they work in a multitude of ways. You can make them all fancy, or just be a semi-stylish hobo like me.
Foundation – Personally, I like more matte looks for the winter, because I find that it fits the season perfectly. Matte foundation also tends to be a little more weatherproof, versus a luminous base. However, I still say do you.
Beanie – I think beanies are so cute to wear in the winter, especially if you’re having a terrible hair day. You can create a polished look by styling your hair, or leaving your locks second day and messy under your hat.
Booties – Again, I vote for getting black and brown, but it’s really your preference. Pro tip: always fold the hem of your jeans up just above the boot to give your legs a more seamless look. This also helps elongate your legs if you are on the petite side.
Red Lipstick – While this color can be worn any time of the year, I find that a classic, blue toned lipstick is the best stand by to have. This color can go with any neutral winter outfit, which are my kinds of outfits.
chunky Scarf – I am obsessed with layering, and I love using a scarf as a layering technique. Living in Wisconsin also makes these babies a necessity.
Leopard Loafers – This is also pretty specific, but in my eyes, leopard can act as a neutral. Depending on where you live, these can also act as your “winter shoes” because they’re comfy and stylish at the same time. However, if you live in a cold climate like me, throw on some tights or specialty socks and you’ll be ready.
Nude Lipstick – A quality nude lipstick can be fairly easy to find, but finding your right collect can be tricky. Generally, you want your nude lip to fall in the “my lips, but better realm”. As such, going for a flesh toned color, like soft pinks or browns will help to amplify your natural pout.
Neutral Eyeshadow Palette – This doesn’t need to be anything expensive, but having a go-to neutrals palette will get you through any kind of winter weather. Contrary to what other people think, I feel that wearing a smokey eye in the middle of the day is completely fine, because you do you girl.
Trainers – Yes, I say trainers, because “sneakers” and “tennis shoes” sounds odd to me. Blame my European family. I love trainers, especially with the aforementioned joggers, for a casual outfit, even if you’re going to spend the day relaxing with friends. Also, don’t let winter keep you from working out!
Knee High/Over The Knee Socks – I am venturing into this trend, but I love the look of high socks with an A-line skirt. I may have thicker thighs than some, but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t pull off a look based on your body. If you think you look good, that’s what matters.
Vest – I’m enthralled with my 18 dollar Polo Ralph Lauren vest, and I wear it pretty much anytime I don’t need to dress nicely or photograph. Again, with trainers and joggers, it’s just…I can’t.
Diamond Studs – These don’t have to be real, but having a pair of pretty studs is simple and classic, but also very chic.
Over the Knee Boots – I recently included these in my OOTD#70 post, and I am in love. I have been wearing these practically all the time, and it’s very handy since we’ve been experiencing a lot of snowfall lately. I would suggest black, because it’s just a classic look, and also if you wear dark pants, your legs look loooong.
Graphic T-Shirt – It could be vintage or something simple from Forever21, but graphic T’s are great to make any outfit interesting. Graphic T’s often tell a lot about the personality of the wearer, because it’s a personal reflection of what that person likes. Personally, I think it’s awesome to include as much personality as possible in your wardrobe, and Graphic T-shirts are a great way to do that.
Cape – Capes are my latest love, and I even got one from a family friend in Chicago as an early birthday present. Capes can be a pretty on again, off again trend, but since I’m not the type that tries to religiously keep up with trends, I really wanted to invest in the perfect one. This investment was so worth it! I love that it’s warm like a coat, but so classy and chic.
Mascara – As I said before with my other makeup items, this part is really up to you. However, I love a lovely smokey mascara for winter, since there’s nothing better than sultry winter eyes.
Nameplate Necklace – Some people may find this tacky, and I personally don’t have one (because apparently the name Zoey is unheard of), I love this idea. I think it’s incredibly cute and while it may not be a winter necessity, I wanted to include it anyway because why the hell not, right?
That is all I have for you guys today. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my blog for more goodies. Also remember to have an absolutely beautiful week.
Stay beautiful!


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