OOTD #71

Hello my lovelies! 

I know, I’ve been absent and I suck for it. All these doctor’s appointments are seriously dragging me down into the realm of dead tired! 

I spent this past weekend in Chicago, one of my favorite places on earth. I understand that many people find the Windy City overrated, but for me, it’s this huge adventure in a big city full of different things and heaps of happiness. I’m also very excited to tell everyone that I will be in the U.K. For a whole week! Of course, I’ll likely post small bits about my adventures there, as I will be stopping by some fashion and beauty junkie stores obviously. 

In my eyes, casual outfits don’t have to be boring or basic. While I may have used some very classic and “basic” items, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t make an exciting outfit. As a layering freak, this is definitely one of my favorite winter outfits, and the fact that I wear it almost every week indubitably reflects my love for it. Additionally, all of these individual pieces are in my top clothing must haves, because you really can’t go wrong with a leather jacket or booties in your life. 

That’s all I have for you guys. I hope your week is stupendous! 

Stay beautiful! 

Jacket – Ralph Lauren

Sweater – Forever 21 

Pants – Madewell 

Shoes – Aldo

Hat – Mossimo Supply Co. 

Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body-type.

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