Hello my lovelies!

I hope you all had a lovely New Year’s Eve and Day! For my family, It’s a day to relax and remember my great grandma Gert, who was a New Year’s Day baby.

In my mind, NYE is the perfect time to really dress up, throw on some intense makeup, and party all night long. As far New Year’s resolutions go, I’m not one for making them. Instead, I decided that I would like to create a bucket list instead.

I thought of this because recently, I’ve been very sick and buried in a lot of health issues, since at least early September. It may not have been anything very serious, but being sick for almost 4 months straight really made me worried about my overall health and wellness. Having a weak immune system from lupus, it makes a lot of things in my life very difficult. These past few months have been a crappy saga of depression, messing with medication dosages, and worst of all, being judged by those around me because of something I can’t control. For a lot of people, having an autoimmune disease like lupus means a lot of questions; “Why are you sick all the time? Why don’t you come to work/school more often? You’re probably just exaggerating, everyone gets sick”. I get it, it does seem odd for a person to miss as much school as I do over a cold, but the reality is that my immune system doesn’t do anything to help me get over that cold, so it just becomes this gigantic never ending circle of judgement, sickness, and confusion. Despite all of this, I am beyond thankful that I do not have to suffer the way other people do with cancer and other debilitating diseases, and constantly reminding myself that there are others out there who deserve to not suffer is what keeps me going, even though this has been a very rough patch in my life.

So far, the only thing I’ve come up with so far on my bucket list is to hike and camp along the entire Ice Age Trail throughout Wisconsin. I want to experience this amazing and underrated state I live in, and what better way to do that than tap into a seriously historic trail?

That’s all I have for today, ladies and gents. Once again, I hope the holidays have been awesome for everyone!

Stay Beautiful!





Shirt – H&M

Skirt – Marshall’s

Tights – Express

Shoes – Aldo

Hair Bow – Topshop

Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body-type.

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