Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Fellow Beauty/Fashion Lovers

Hello My Lovelies!

I’ve been ridiculously busy preparing for the holidays and also being sick. My family hosts Christmas every year and it’s always a train-wreck just beforehand.

Today I have some seriously last minute Christmas gifts that you can totally give on the fly, and make it look like you tried. Bear in mind, these are all online, but super amazing nonetheless.


I know this is a pretty well known idea, but I love receiving my Birchbox gift from my cousins. I have received Ipsy in the past, but to me, nothing beats the quality that Birchbox brings. It’s also a fairly cheap option at ten dollars per month.

Must Have Box Subscription

This is a cool concept from POPSUGAR that sends you over 100 dollars worth of various health, beauty, fashion, and food products, all for 40 dollars. Keep in mind that this is not a subscription service.

This may take time to arrive, but the option to wrap a certificate notifying the recipient of its impending arrival is still a cute gift. You can choose from a multitude of body and bath ¬†baskets, or even some “for her” options.

A great option to choose from hundreds of different stores. Who doesn’t want money to go use at their favorite clothing store. Nordstrom, anyone?


That’s all for now, just sharing my quick, last-minute-but-looks-like-you-tried holiday gift ideas for the fashion or beauty lover in your life!

Stay Beautiful!

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