November Digs and Duds

Hello my lovelies!

It’s that time again for me to talk about what was a hit this month and what was a bit of a doozy!




  • Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – While I can believe that this foundation is ultra moisturizing and amazing for dry skin, it actually worked perfectly for my oily skin as well. The lightest shade is pushing it for someone as pale as me, but if you’re any darker, this foundation is perfect. The only tiny drawback is that it does oxidize, so prepare yourself for that ahead of time. This foundation genuinely does look like a better version of my skin!
  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita – I decided to brave civilization on black friday, and finally stumbled upon this beauty being back in stock! Of course I questioned nothing and threw it in my basket, and I’m glad I did. I know this lipstick may seem overhyped, but the formula really stays on, doesn’t fade on the inside of your lips giving you that weird peeled off look (you know what I’m talking about…nice butthole mouth), and has beautiful color payoff. My one drawback is that the formula does stay pretty tacky for at least 10 minutes after you put it on, but the color is so rich and gorgeous that I am able to survive this.
  • Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub in Mint Julips – I love this stuff. For once, this scrub genuinely exfoliates my lips, acts as a natural lip plumper because of the mint, and the best part is you can lick it off and eat it once you’re done. If you don’t find that as fabulous as I do, there’s something wrong with your happiness.
  • The Buzz (feat. Mataya & Young Tapz) by Hermitude – This song was recently featured in a Samsung commercial, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. If you like electronic, R&B, as well as rap, then check out this song. Great underrated group coming from Australia that really knows what they’re doing.



  • Origins GIn ZIng Refreshing Eye Cream – I wanted to love this eye cream because it’s supposed to target something I happen to have a huge problem with; under eye circles, dark ones at that. Unfortunately, this eye cream did not live up to its reputation. While it does come with quite a bit of product and is a fairly reasonable price for an eye cream, I find it overhyped and not necessarily worth a try. I will finish it up before I buy a new eye cream, because I refuse to waste products unless absolutely necessary.
  • NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick  in Amethyst – I feel severely disappointed to say this, but I just wasn’t digging this formula. Maybe it was just this particular color, but the consistency was fairly patchy, and gave me major butthole mouth if I moved my lips at all. I had to apply three layers to get it to be opaque, and by then I felt like I was wearing a cloth over my lips. Again, maybe it was just this color or a lemon of a product, but I feel like NYX’s lip creams are soooo much better.



That’s all for today my lovelies. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe because it really helps me out!

Stay Beautiful!

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