My Madison Reed Hair-o-scope!

Hello my lovelies!

As promised, I am now officially writing about my take on Madison Reed’s Hair-o-scope. I am very excited to share my thoughts with all of you!

Madison Reed offers a very interesting, and accurate in my case, take on conventional hair choices. Instead of a generic page of colors and products to choose from, Madison Reed offers an innovative Hair-o-scope and personal consultation to help choose the right products for you. The outreach manager that I had contact with was incredibly gracious and welcoming, and my own Hair-o-scope reading was practically spot on!

I do have quite the fiery personality, and I love me some sleek and shiny hair. As for rich tones, I consider red to be rich for me, and that’s ultimately what I would go with! If you want to grab your own Hair-o-scope, I will leave a link down below to help you get started!

Additionally, I wanted to mention Madison Reed’s amazing personalized hair profile. I love the fact that I can specifically choose what my hair needs and what I personally prefer for my hair, as well as the texture and color of my hair. What you get in return is a couple color samplings that would best fit your wants and needs. Personally, the “Best Match” color is not what I had in mind, but the color payoff seems amazing nonetheless.

My Recommended Color: Veneto Light Brown – 7NVA


My Preferred color: Vesuvius Red – 7NCR

standard (1)

As you can see, they’re both completely different. As I said, I love emphasizing my already reddish hair, and I’m so pale that it works!

I would LOVE to one day try these products, as they’re as natural as possible and not completely damaging for hair. Especially you curly haired girls, you know what I mean.

I will leave the links for you all to browse at your leisure, and I hope this post helped at least one of you make an informed decision of some sort!

Stay Beautiful!

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