Fall Lipstick Dupes

Hello My Lovelies!

Unfortunately for all of us, Fall is just around the corner. And despite the fact that it already feels like fall in Wisconsin, we do have to prepare ourselves! Of course, my version of preparing is figuring out which lipsticks are optimal for the Fall weather. Oh, and outfits obviously!

So here are my picks for my favorite high end Fall lipsticks and their duplicates!


From the Top:

Left – M.A.C Cyber  Right – Nyx Transylvania

Left – Bobbi Brown Brown Shimmer  Right – Loreal Paris Mica

Left – Marc Jacobs Eat Cake  Right – Nyx Little Susie

Left – Mirenesse 6. Paris  Right – Revlon Unlimited Mulberry

Left – Bite Beauty Lychee  Right – Maybelline Daringly Nude

From the Top:

Winner = Tie. I love both formulas for completely different reasons. One is matte, and the other more satin. Both have great pigmentation and longevity.

Winner = Brown Shimmer. It’s more of a straight up brown rather than the pinker version with loreal. I prefer the longevity of the Bobbi Brown lippie as well.

Winner = Eat Cake. I know I know, it’s 30 dollars, but it’s 30 dollars of amazing! I do love me some Nyx, however Eat Cake has a gel consistency to it, hence the name. This means that it’s much more pigmented and stayed on much longer than the buttery, lip balm-like consistency of Little Susie.

Winner = 6. Paris. To be perfectly honest, I really dislike the consistency of the Unlimited Mulberry. I LOVE the idea, but the lipstick itself is just too sticky, and the gloss end just makes it worse. However by itself, the lipstick really doesn’t do much. If you love these double ended lipsticks from Revlon, more power to you, but I definitely prefer my Mirenesse over this dud.

Winner = Tie again. I love a nude lipstick, and both Lychee and Daringly nude have great staying power, consistencies, one being matte and the other creme, and great quality. Yes, Bite lipsticks are pricey, but the creamy consistency and lovely pigmentation are absolutely to die for. Additionally, out of all lipsticks, not including NYX, Maybelline’s formula is by far the best in my opinion.

And that is all for my lipstick dupes post! Hopefully I wont fall off the planet any time soon for you guys! I do plan on posting a back to school haul in the near future so stay tuned!

Stay Beautiful!

Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body-type.

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