Latest Haul


Hey Guys!

So I know this isn’t the most exciting haul, but it is a haul nonetheless. I’ve been really into black and white lately, so I decided to go and pick up some classy black and white pieces for my wardrobe. I know I know, black and white are summery colors, but I love the simplicity and how much you can mix and match with them. All of the clothes cost me a grand total of $80.00, which is quite impressive if you ask me. Granted, H&M was having a sale and I had a 20% off coupon at Forever 21, but hey, I still got a sweet deal! As for the makeup, I was originally looking for Sephora’s anti-bacterial spray for brushes, but it seemed to be non-existent, so I went for my next best option. We’ll see how it works out. I picked up my usual prep spray and primer, which are both AMAZING products, check them out if you have oily skin like yours truly. Lastly, I picked up a new eye mask to try, as my dark under eye circles are pretty hardcore. That all came to a grand total of about $60.00, and of course I used my VIB Rouge card because I have a makeup problem.

Alright my lovelies that’s all there is! Again, not the most exciting hall, I know, but it is something, especially when you’re a girl living a champagne life on a slight beer wallet. Let me know if you have comments/questions/concerns about the products above.

Stay Beautiful!

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