App of the Month: Pinterest

Yes, I know. Pinterest isn’t anything new. However, my love for it hasn’t dwindled because of that. If you don’t have a pinterest account and you happen to have interests, then GET ONE. Worth the addiction, trust me!

What I love most about Pinterest is that while your boards are (mostly) public, they still give you the ability to hold onto inspiration when it strikes. My boards are ridiculous, practically filled to the brim, and I’m surprised there’s no limit that I know of.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a former Pinterest hater. I associated it with social media which generally makes me ill, (save for blogging, obviously!). But one fateful day, my cousin sucked me into the Pinterest vortex, and a monster was born. Besides my horror story, I love the usability and format of the app, which I definitely prefer over the website. I love the organization of different boards and how clean and crisp it all looks. For me, I use pinterest for MY inspiration, to inspire me to take new steps in beauty and fashion, to try new recipes at home, and to just all around be more creative.

Again, Pinterest isn’t a new app, and I’m aware of that, but I think it’s way too much of a gem to pass up!

If you want to start up a pinterest and better yet, follow me, you can find me by searching zfranzen. I go a little pin-crazy on certain days but I promise it’s well worth all of the scrolling you’ll have to do.

Stay Beautiful!

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