Trendy Lipstick Lookalikes

Hey Guys!

So it’s been a ridiculously long time since i’ve actually typed something, and I thought I would share my favorite summery lipstick dupes! Yes, there is a dark lippie dupe. Don’t be afraid to rock a dark lip in the summer; it says “I’m edgy and confident enough in myself to push boundaries”, which I personally love. My favorite lipstick would have to be my electric orange one from Bobbi Brown. I love the color, even on my pale skin, and it doesn’t make my teeth appear yellow or stained, which is a HUGE plus!

Latest Dupes

Just in case you can’t read what they are:

Top: left – Nyx Big Cherry.  right – Marc Jacobs So Rouge.

Middle: left – Revlon Black Cherry.  right – Bobbi Brown Black Raspberry.

Bottom: left – Revlon Siren.  right – Bobbi Brown Atomic Orange.

Some quick notes on the finishes and usability:

You may notice that Big Cherry is a slight Pinky-red, while So Rouge is a more straight up, intense red. My preference? So Rouge.

While both lippies have a creamy and shiny finish, Black Cherry is slightly more pigmented than Black Raspberry, making it my preferred lippie, because let’s be real, I’m going to go big or go home with a dark lip. Black Raspberry would be a wonderful pick if you want a less daring alternative.

You will notice that Siren is slightly more sheer and corally compared to Atomic Orange. While I love Siren for a sheer, gloss-like finish, I prefer the pigment of Atomic Orange. I love statement lips, and Atomic Orange is right up my little ally.

All in all, I genuinely like all six of these lipsticks, some just a little more than others. Generally I prefer a matte finish to my lippies, so I tend to lean towards the less sheer/glossy lipsticks in my collection. I find all of these to be well worth the pricing, (Even the $30 Marc Jacobs, you will NOT regret it!). I’m a drugstore lover and a high end lover, and all of these lipsticks fit right in with my incredibly high standards.

If you want to see more makeup dupes, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

Stay Beautiful!

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